Message from Dwell Leadership Team:

Dear friends, 

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Dwell Church will be closing this month. Our final service will be held this Sunday, December 11.

Making the decision to close the church was very difficult. All of us on the leadership team have been overwhelmingly blessed by the kindness, generosity, and friendship that we have found in this church community. Although Pete and Lily were called to a new church in Portland, Oregon, we had hoped that Dwell could continue, and spent three months exploring the alternatives for the church. We had good conversations with potential pastors, partners, and many of you.

However, after much prayer, fasting, thought, and discussion, we did not see a clear way forward and concluded that we should close the church, a decision with which we found much more peace. We are sad that we will no longer meet in this building every Sunday, but we are excited about where God will lead us next. Already, He has led many of our former members to new cities, where they are growing and serving in new faith communities. Indeed, we know that God has been taking followers from close communities and using them for his good work since the apostles starting spreading the Gospel. We hope to be joyful and willing servants wherever He leads us.

That said, we also hope to preserve what has developed here, especially the friendships. We hope that no one will feel alone in the months to come and that this family that God has formed will continue to be a positive force in each of our lives.

Moving forward, we plan to continue the community group on Tuesday nights indefinitely while we go through this transition. In addition, we are exploring some other possibilities for the future of our community that will be announced once they are finalized. Regarding Dwell's final Sunday service, we are planning to celebrate the life of Dwell Church with a time to share testimonies and a dinner together afterwards, downstairs. We'd love for everyone to join us in that celebration.

If you have any questions regarding how we arrived at the decision or about our path forward, please feel free to reach out to any one of us on the leadership team.

In Him,

Ruth Blidar
John Chung
Jason Harrod
Alex Lee
Karen Lee
Caitlin O’Connell

"The Bowery is this mashup of cultures. Church is one of the few places the entire neighborhood can come together."

-Peter Armstrong, Pastor of Dwell Church


We started this church two years ago in order to reach New Yorkers with the good news of Jesus Christ.  This news changes the way we look at God, ourselves, others and the entire creation.

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